Antim Ivireanu

MANASTIREA ANTIM IVIREANU In centrul orasului, pe nedrept ascunsa de blocurile de pe Bulevardul Unirii, se afla una din cele mai frumoase ctitorii bisericesti, cu mare grija intretinuta si ingrijita, Manastirea Antim Ivireanu. Planurile manastirii au fost realizate chiar de Antim Ivireanu (1640-1716), nascut in Iviria, Georgia. Costurile de zidire au fost acoperite din averea … More Antim Ivireanu

Curtea de Arges

MANASTIREA CURTEA DE ARGES Domnitorul Neagoe Basarab al Tarii Romanesti a construit intre anii 1514 – 1517, in Curtea de Arges,  pe mosia Flamanzesti,  o biserica in stil bizantin, cu motive orientale si armenesti. Interiorul bisericii a fost pictat de celebrul zugrav Dobromir. In exterior, sculpturile, ornamentele si turnurile au fost acoperite cu aur si … More Curtea de Arges

Carol Park

The Carol Park was born between 1900-1906 following the plans of the French Swiss landscape architect Eduard Redont and was inaugurated in 1906 to celebrate 40 years of the reign of King Carol I. On this occasion a jubilee exhibition was organized. Carol Park is listed on the List of Historic Monuments since 2015. Photos … More Carol Park


White, red, pink, blue, the signs of spring, the spirit of love, profiled in the blue sky, the flowers are essence of beauty nature. Copyright ©Jeni Mateescu. Toate drepturile rezervate                                 Copyright ©Jeni Mateescu. Toate drepturile rezervate Just in case you have a comment … More Flowers

Forests and gardens

The series of forests and gardens emerged from the desire to decorate offices and spaces with many visitors. It’s a photos  gallery for selling. Copyright ©Jeni Mateescu. Toate drepturile rezervate   Copyright ©Jeni Mateescu. Toate drepturile rezervate The paintings are for sale. If you like and want to receive information about conditions, please, send an … More Forests and gardens

Cluj – Napoca

CLUJ – NAPOCA, medieval latin Castrum Clus, Claudiopolis, german Klausenburg, Hungarian Kolozsvar is one of the most beautiful  Romanian City. Far 324 km from Bucharest the capital of the country, Cluj – Napoca is unofficial capital of the historical province of Transylvania. Cluj-Napoca is one of the most important academic, cultural, industrial and business centers … More Cluj – Napoca


Right paintings in the living room,  office,  hotel. It’s a photos  gallery for selling. Fotografii pentru living, birou, hotel. Este o galerie de fotografii artistice, de vanzare. Copyright ©Jeni Mateescu. Toate drepturile rezervate Autumn leaves Autumn leaves Autumn leaves A series of the same subject in different colors tones Copyright ©Jeni Mateescu. Toate drepturile rezervate The paintings are for … More Paintings


The Romanian wooden craftsmen have created art objects from each piece of their houses. You will find old houses for hundreds of years at the Village Museum in Bucharest. Copyright ©Jeni Mateescu. Toate drepturile rezervate                           Copyright ©Jeni Mateescu. Toate drepturile rezervate

Botanical Gardens

Bucharest Botanical Gardens were founded in 1860,  completed in 1866 to the designs and instructions of Ulrich Hoffmann.  Today, the gardens extends over an area of more than 17 hectares, and hosts more than 10,000 species of plants. The gardens were opened in 1891, when the building of the greenhouses finished. The garden was damaged … More Botanical Gardens

Coltea Church

Colţea Church is an important monument of Walachian architecture from the late 17th century foundet by the same nobleman, Mihai Cantacuzino. It was restored in 2005. The church built in italian baroque style with wallachian brancovan ornamentation. The large open veranda with front and side arches, supported by 10 stone columns with carved column heads laying on high pedestals with … More Coltea Church