Three Hierarchs Bucharest

Religious Complex “Three Hierarchs” is a  new place (2010)  for prayer, located in Bucharest, neighborhood Pantelimon. It has a disadvantageous site, near a bridge over the railway and a highway crowded.
Inside are three buildings with religious purpose: the church, bell tower and a roof terrace designed for summer activities.
All the buildings are wooden, with an architectural style of wooden churches of Maramures
The church has cruciform has a length of 25 m and a width of 14 m.
In front of the narthex, on the long sides, between aisles and altar, open porch that stretches around the place intermittently between aisles and one church altar. The porch is made of oak pillars consisting of “hewn” artistic and tied at the top with side beams through struts (Chituc) suggesting form of the beginning of arches.
Wall structure consists of wooden beams, with four faces and smooth edges broken, arranged in horizontal rows and joined at corners through cuts in a technique called “dovetail” and mounted on a foundation of concrete faced with stone, by means of a solid oak feet.
Also protruding eaves fits in the traditional style of old Romanian churches.
Tower reaches a height of 50 m and consists of steep slopes and edges broken and covered with shingles.
All architectural pieces are carved in traditional forms of Maramures. Christian ornamental shapes are harmonious shapes imnina old, pre-Christian (rosettes, line snake, wolf teeth) kept the gates of the old houses in the area.

Copyright ©Jeni Mateescu. Toate drepturile rezervate

Wooden Church Fundeni
Wooden Church Fundeni
Wooden Church Fundeni shadows
Wooden Church Fundeni shadows

Copyright ©Jeni Mateescu. Toate drepturile rezervate


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