Plumbuita Monastery

I passed dozens of times near the sign that directs you to the Monastery Plumbuita, but I never had time. Today I decided finally get on the street in the park and to visit the monastery.
Renovated, well cared, with historical roots by the sixteenth century.
I arrived at inconvenient times, when just announcing lunch break.
In the courtyard, two young swept walkways on the roof of the cells change old sheet, a cat was curled on my feet, peacock and peacock enclosure at the entrance beg to receive grain from visitors. Visitors were not there, or whatever, I was, but I was empty-handed.
The church was so dimly lit that I managed to see the paintings, but I found a prayer cuvinele for the silver framed icon of the Virgin.
I noticed a brand new gazebo which says that it is a shrine summer. Access was restricted, I can not tell how the interior. The wooden structure, however, is very beautiful.

Bucharest, December 3, 2016

Copyright ©Jeni Mateescu. Toate drepturile rezervate

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