Snagov Monastery, the burial place of Dracula

Snagov Monastery, Romania – the Burial Place of Vlad the Impaler, known as Dracula

Snagov Monastery built on an island on Snagov Lake, was an important cultural center of Walachia in the feudal age.  It was first founded in the 14th century by Mircea the Old.

Far away 45 km north from Bucharest, on a greenery area, the Monastery is a perfect destination for a half day excursion.
The church was built of brick in the Byzantine style by Prince Neagoe between 1517-1521.
The church has four polygonal towers, covered with tiles.
The church interior was painte in fresco, in 1563, by the painter Dobromir Younger, through the good Prince Peter Younger, son of Mircea Shepherd.
Inside the church can be distinguished frescoes dating from the fifteenth century, and portraits of personalities of the time: St. Neagoe with his son, Theodosius, and Mircea Shepherd with family.  Frescoes Snagov Monastery underwent numerous transformations and restorations, they still represent the largest painted wall is preserved in a church in our country.

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