The Princely Court, Curtea de Argeș

The Princely Church in Curtea de Arges, built in XIII century, is one of the most important medieval architecture monuments south of the Carpathian mountain range, being the oldest church founded by a voivode in Wallachia.

The architecture of the church is Byzantine. its shape taking a  Greek cross plan. The church was completed during the reign of Nicolae Alexandru (1352-1364) while the Byzantine style interior painting dates back to the reign of Vladislav Vlaicu (1364-1377).

Beside the church, the passing of time has allowed the preservation of the foundations of the princely houses built by Basarab I in the 14th century and Neagoe Basarab in the 16th century, the bell tower with a standalone entryway dating back to the 19th century, the foundations of the first princely church from the 13th century as well as the perimeter wall built in the 18th century.

Copyright ©Jeni Mateescu. Toate drepturile rezervate

St. Nicolas Church, Princely Court
The ruins  of the XIII century Princely Court
Bell Tower
Stone framing


Church Curtea de Arges, St Nicolas, summer time 2015
Tower’s Gate

Copyright ©Jeni Mateescu. Toate drepturile rezervate

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