Coltea Church

Colţea Church is an important monument of Walachian architecture from the late 17th century foundet by the same nobleman, Mihai Cantacuzino. It was restored in 2005. The church built in italian baroque style with wallachian brancovan ornamentation. The large open veranda with front and side arches, supported by 10 stone columns with carved column heads laying on high pedestals with … More Coltea Church

Coltea hospital

Coltea is the name of the oldest hospital in Romania, built in 1704 to be a hospital for the poor people. The organization and operation of the hospital was based on the model of Ospedale di S. Lazzaro e Mendicanti Hospital in Venice. The history of the buildings is  belong Governor Mihai Cantacuzino. Also the … More Coltea hospital

BNR Palace

The National Bank of Romania is hosted by two impressive buildings: The Old Palace and The new Wing Palace. The Old Palace of the Romanian National Bank built between 1884 and 1890 by the architects Cassien Bernard, who also built the Alexander III Bridge over the Seine (in Paris), and Albert Galleron, who created the … More BNR Palace

CEC Palace

The palace was built as a new headquarters for Romania’s oldest bank, the public savings institution Casa de Depuneri, Consemnațiuni și Economie, later known as C.E.C.  and nowadays CEC Bank. The land was bought and the building constructed with the institution’s own funds. Work started on June 8, 1897 and was completed in 1900. The project was designed … More CEC Palace

Namaiesti Monastery

Nămăeşti Monastery is situated in a picturesque area, an area with ancient historical traces, very close to Campulung Muscel city, at an altitude of almost 800 meters, in Nămăeşti village, Arges county. It is said that Nămăşeştii are the oldest monastery of nuns from Wallachia. The church of the monastery is found in a cave, which … More Namaiesti Monastery

Ghighiu Monastery

Raised more than four centuries ago in the middle of a forest that was part of the legendary Codri of Vlasia, Ghighiu monastery attracts believers from all over the country. There are two reasons why people come to pray here: the miracle-working icon of the Mother of God – Siriaca, brought just from Syria, and … More Ghighiu Monastery

Antim Monastery

Antim Monastery is one of the oldest monasteries in Bucharest. The  monastery was built during Constantin Brancoveanu’s reign in The Romanian Country,  between 1713 and 1715 by  the metropolitan bishop of Wallachia, Antim Ivireanu.arrived from Georgia. The church was built after architectural plans drawn by Antim Ivireanu himself, a connoisseur of the arts of drawing, sculpture, … More Antim Monastery

Peles Castle

Peles Castle is the former residence of the Romanian Royal Family Peleș Castle was built from 1873 to 1914 by the King Carol I in Sinaia town, on the Prahova Valley,  124 Km far way from Bucharest, the capital of Romania. The Peles Castle was one of the most modern of its time The architectural style … More Peles Castle