Antim Monastery

Antim Monastery is one of the oldest monasteries in Bucharest.

The  monastery was built during Constantin Brancoveanu’s reign in The Romanian Country,  between 1713 and 1715 by  the metropolitan bishop of Wallachia, Antim Ivireanu.arrived from Georgia. The church was built after architectural plans drawn by Antim Ivireanu himself, a connoisseur of the arts of drawing, sculpture, architecture and printing.

The frescoes of the Antim church were executed under his direction, after his drawings, or that he took part in the painting of the ensemble, along with the artist Preda Zugravul.

In the beginning, the monastery Antim was called All Saints. In the beginning of the 19th century, Antim Monastery becomes a School for priests.

There were a printing house and a public library functioning inside its walls.

The founder of Antim Monastery recommended that his wealth to be used for helping all youth who wanted to study and become scholars, all poor men in need and all young women who had not enough money to get married following tradition.

Copyright ©Jeni Mateescu. Toate drepturile rezervate

Antim Monastery Romania
Antim Monastery
Antim Church, the entrance
Antim Monastery Bucharest
Monastery Antim Ivireanu
Antim Church, the Courtyard
Antim Monastery


Antim Monastery, church

Copyright ©Jeni Mateescu. Toate drepturile rezervate

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