Ghighiu Monastery

Raised more than four centuries ago in the middle of a forest that was part of the legendary Codri of Vlasia, Ghighiu monastery attracts believers from all over the country. There are two reasons why people come to pray here: the miracle-working icon of the Mother of God – Siriaca, brought just from Syria, and a renowned healing spring.

The Ghighiu Monastery located in the same village in Barcăneşti, Prahova County, is a nunnery monastery.

Icon of Our Lady from Ghighiu Monastery – Siriaca

The icon of the Virgin Mary and the Child, famous as the wonderworking icon, is a peak of the Syrian sacred art from the parts of Syrian Christians in the sixteenth century. The icon arrived in Romania in 1958, when it was brought by Bishop Vasilios Samaha and offered to Patriarch Justinian Marina, following a dream in which the Virgin Mary asked him to take the icon to this place. The icon was brought from Syria and deposited in the Patriarchal Cathedral of Bucharest.

The icon is painted on sandalwood. The icon retains the name “Siriaca” due to its origin, being especially renowned for help in the birth of infants and the healing of diseases.

The painting of the catapetheme belongs entirely to the great painter Gheorghe Tattarescu and is by itself an ornament.

The façade of the large church is adorned with three mosaic icons, made by the painter Joseph Vass in 1978, namely: the central icon with the Spring of Healing, and the other two sides with the Archangels Mihail and Gavriil. The framing of subjects in the fixed lines of paintings of proportions of the natural size of the characters, the sobriety of colors, the originality of the treatment of subjects, the exclusion of exaggerations and the maintenance of the balance between form and substance, avoiding trivial naturalism, romanticism and exaggerated surrealism, in a word all the painting of the great church in the Holy Ghighiu Monastery places the painter Gheorghe Tattarescu among the greatest painters of the neoclassical current, but also of the Romanian painting in general.

I visited the monastery at the end of winter 2012, March 24. It was not a good time for photos, but it was for the spirit.

Copyright ©Jeni Mateescu. Toate drepturile rezervate

Ghighiu Monastery, the entrance
Celles for nuns, Ghighiu Monastery
Celles for nuns, Ghighiu Monastery
Ghighiu Monastery, the coutyard
Ghighiu Monastery, cells rows
Ghighiu Monastery, cells rows
Ghighiu Monastery, the Fontain
Church, the bell tower, Ghighiu Monastery
The alley to the recovery spring
The painting “Recovery Spring”
Ghighiu Monastery
Ghighiu Monastery, the church

Copyright ©Jeni Mateescu. Toate drepturile rezervate

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