Namaiesti Monastery

Nămăeşti Monastery is situated in a picturesque area, an area with ancient historical traces, very close to Campulung Muscel city, at an altitude of almost 800 meters, in Nămăeşti village, Arges county.

It is said that Nămăşeştii are the oldest monastery of nuns from Wallachia. The church of the monastery is found in a cave, which also houses an icon of the Mother of God performing miracles. A legend says that the Apostle Andrew was sleeping in that cave.

The church of the Namaiesti monastery is buil in the rock in the mountain rock. Historical documents about the village of Namaiesti and the monastery of Namaiesti mark the years 1503-1547 in the rulers of the rulers Radu the Great and Mircea Ciobanul.

The church of the monastery is considered a historic monument from the 14th century.
Exact dates regarding the founding of the monastery and the church dug in stone are not known.
However, the legends delivered orally, from the ancestors, in the village of Namaiesti, even mention the name of the prince Negru Voda.

All the tradition tells us about the anonymous founder of the church: It is said that a shepherd crows the sheep by the side of the place. Going to the rock where the church was then digged, the shepherd stopped at the foot of the mountain, at the edge of the forest, on this large stone, remaining with the sheep here overnight. The shepherd appeared to him in the dream of the Mother of God who said to her, “Get up, dig under you and find an icon in a stone church.”

This icon represents the Mother of God with Baby Jesus in her arms.
The legend says that the icon would have been brought here by St. Apostle Andrew, when he was preaching the word of the Lord in the lands of Namaites. It is said that the icon would be one of the 12 icons painted by the holy Apostle and Evangelist Luke at the worship of the Holy Virgin. Virgo wanted the twelve apostles to go out to propel the Gospel, to have with them an icon, and therefore asked him to paint one for each. On the way to the mountains, Saint Apostle Andrew, stopped to rest near a pagan temple dedicated to the god Zalmoxis. He found a grotto and believing that he could find someone inside to christen him, he went in.

During my summer vacation 2017 at Campulung Muscel, ai visited for a short time the Monastery Namaiesti.

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Namaiesti Monastery, the bell toaer ans entrance


Namaiesti Monastery
Namaiesti Monastery, the church
Bell Tower Church Namaiesti
Old stone cross
Old stone cross
Namaiesti bell tower

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