Coltea hospital

Coltea is the name of the oldest hospital in Romania, built in 1704 to be a hospital for the poor people. The organization and operation of the hospital was based on the model of Ospedale di S. Lazzaro e Mendicanti Hospital in Venice.

The history of the buildings is  belong Governor Mihai Cantacuzino.

Also the Colţea Church is an important monument of Walachian architecture from the late 17th century foundet by the same nobleman, Mihai Cantacuzino. It was restored in 2005.

The church built in italian baroque style with wallachian brancovan ornamentation.

The large open veranda with front and side arches, supported by 10 stone columns with carved column heads laying on high pedestals with floral ornaments.

The architectural style of the veranda reflects the italian baroque and wallachian brancovan elements combined with oriental elements.

The Cantacuzino coat of arms – a two-headed eagle – is on the top of veranda and the pedestals of the side columns are endorned with the faces of the four evangelists.

Two steps from Univarsitatii Square, you will meet this jewel of arhitecturethat make me proud to be one piece on our heritage.

Copyright ©Jeni Mateescu. Toate drepturile rezervate

Mihai Cantacuzino statue in front of Coltea hospital
Coltea Hospital and statue of Mihai Cantacuzino
Coltea Hospital and statue of Mihai Cantacuzino
The hospital and church Coltea, Bucharest
The entrance fronton, Coltea Hospital
The dome
Coltea Hospital Bucharest
Mihai Cantacuzino

Copyright ©Jeni Mateescu. Toate drepturile rezervate

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