National Library of Romania

The National Library is a cultural institution under the supervision of the Ministry of Culture to administer the national patrimony of publications. The history of building started in 1986, but the opening date was later in 2012. Copyright ©Jeni Mateescu. Toate drepturile rezervate         Copyright ©Jeni Mateescu. Toate drepturile rezervate Advertisements

Metropolitan Church

The Romanian Orthodox Patriarchal Cathedral or Metropolitan Church, is a functioning religious and civic landmark in Bucharest, Romania. The construction was begun in 1654 and completed in 1658 under the orders of the Prince Serban Basarab. The facade is in the Brancovenesc architectural style. Is designated Historical Monument of Romania. Copyright ©Jeni Mateescu. Toate drepturile rezervate   Copyright ©Jeni … More Metropolitan Church

Old wooden houses

Old wooden houses preserved at Village Museum Bucharest Founded in 1936, this fascinating outdoor museum, the largest in Europe, covers some 30 acres on the shores of Lake Herastrau in Herestrau Park. Copyright ©Jeni Mateescu. Toate drepturile rezervate Blue windows – Jurilovca, Tulcea   Autumn colors    

Plumbuita Monastery

I passed dozens of times near the sign that directs you to the Monastery Plumbuita, but I never had time. Today I decided finally get on the street in the park and to visit the monastery. Renovated, well cared, with historical roots by the sixteenth century. I arrived at inconvenient times, when just announcing lunch break. In … More Plumbuita Monastery

Three Hierarchs Bucharest

Religious Complex “Three Hierarchs” is a  new place (2010)  for prayer, located in Bucharest, neighborhood Pantelimon. It has a disadvantageous site, near a bridge over the railway and a highway crowded. Inside are three buildings with religious purpose: the church, bell tower and a roof terrace designed for summer activities. All the buildings are wooden, … More Three Hierarchs Bucharest

Stavropoleos Church

Stavropoleos Church is one of the most beautiful church and one of my favorite. The church was built in 1724 by Ioanikie Stratonikeas, in Bucharest, Romania. It is characterized by Brâncoveanu style church, which also combines some Byzantine elements  its beautiful stone and wood carvings, of which the finest are on the main doors. The courtyard outside has … More Stavropoleos Church

Bucharest buildings

First mentioned as the “Citadel of București” in 1459, it became the residence of the famous Wallachian prince Vlad III the Impaler. It became the capital of Romania in 1862 and is the centre of Romanian culture and art. Its architecture is a mix  style of neo classical, art deco, bauhaus. Copyright ©Jeni Mateescu. Toate drepturile rezervate