Coltea Church

Colţea Church is an important monument of Walachian architecture from the late 17th century foundet by the same nobleman, Mihai Cantacuzino. It was restored in 2005. The church built in italian baroque style with wallachian brancovan ornamentation. The large open veranda with front and side arches, supported by 10 stone columns with carved column heads laying on high pedestals with … More Coltea Church

Coltea hospital

Coltea is the name of the oldest hospital in Romania, built in 1704 to be a hospital for the poor people. The organization and operation of the hospital was based on the model of Ospedale di S. Lazzaro e Mendicanti Hospital in Venice. The history of the buildings is  belong Governor Mihai Cantacuzino. Also the … More Coltea hospital

Namaiesti Monastery

Nămăeşti Monastery is situated in a picturesque area, an area with ancient historical traces, very close to Campulung Muscel city, at an altitude of almost 800 meters, in Nămăeşti village, Arges county. It is said that Nămăşeştii are the oldest monastery of nuns from Wallachia. The church of the monastery is found in a cave, which … More Namaiesti Monastery

United Nations Square

United Nations Square (Piata Natiunile Unite), is located on a bridge over the Dimbovita river, where  Victoriei Avenue (Calea Victoriei) crosses the Splaiul Independentei Boulevard and United Nations Boulevard. If you stroll from United Nations Square to Complex Unirea, on the way of Dambovita River, you will find few of the most beautiful old building … More United Nations Square


Cernica Monastery Cernica Monastery was founded on 1608 over three islands on a lake that were connected with narrow stripes of land. On the left side, the courtyard has an enclosure fortress-like. The church in the middle of the enclosure was built in 1832. The second island hosts the graveyard with a small church, from … More Cernica

Three Hierarchs, Iasi

The monastery together with the Church of the Three Hierarchs is considered to be the most beautiful architectonic jewel of the city of Iasi. The religious dwelling was built between 1637 – 1639. The value of international singularity is given by the external decoration, an extraordinary embroidery of rocks, from the bottom up to the … More Three Hierarchs, Iasi